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We are Larissa and Ellen and this is a blog for our small local business, Lari's! Based out of my own home kitchen in the friendly neighbourhood of Wildwood (Calgary AB, Lari's is a catering company for those with a sweet tooth. This blog is a place for us to post our own pictures of the types of treats we offer, and to share updates with our valued customers!

We make all kinds of desserts including cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, mini pies, donuts, cake-pops, small sweet treats and many more. We do custom orders and requests... so if you are not sure what you want we would be happy to make a suggestion! We cater to parties, birthdays, weddings, or any other occasion in which you want delicious desserts. Which I believe should be quite often.

In order to guarantee your order, please contact us at least one week in advance.
We would prefer it if you placed your order via e-mail:
Larissa (Lari): Co-owner and Baker
Ellen (Ellie): Co-owner, Business Manager, Bakers Assistant

At this time, we only cater to those living within the city of Calgary, AB. We do charge a delivery fee that varies depending on where you live... unless of course you live in the wonderful Wildwood!

PS! If you have any allergies or dietary requests, let us know! We just might have something for you.

PPS! As we are just starting out, our prices are subject to vary. However we try our very best to offer the most affordable and scrumptious sweets you have ever tasted. All prices are available upon request.

Thanks, and Enjoy! 
XO Lari


  1. Good luck Lari and Ellen!
    I look forward to seeing/reading more exciting things.
    Let me know when you decised to expand your territory to include Toronto!

    1. Thanks AP! We appreciate the support, hahaha maybe one day we can bring business to TO! You will be the first to know ;)
      <3 Lari